Water Jug (A231)


if you want to drink cool water, this water jug is your answer. its amazing how cold your water stays in this handmade jug. its perfect foryour breakfast table or your bedside table. Add elegance to your collection.
Product Size: 5 x 5.5 x 4 inches

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this beautifully proportioned water jug has been handcrafted. the clays and glazes are also handmade with the ultimate care. The water jug has been glazed in a stoneware mid fire glaze. As the clay remains porous it should not be used for storage of water; water poured into this jug remains amazingly cool in temperature due to the clay porosity! i am super pleased with this glaze as the oxide dispersion has turned out absolutely stunning. Each product is unique and original. The jug and the glaze has been handmade meaning that there will be no other like it! needless to say it is food safe!


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