Koel Art Gallery | Karachi | 2022

Clay tells a story of the natural past-my series often highlights nature’s footprint of the present. Not a narrative but a snapshot of existence. I have woven documentation in the form of relief and surface design, sometimes calm, sometimes agitated.

Markhor Series

Art Chowk Gallery | Karachi | 2020

My work mimics geological detail and processes. I aim to tell a story by documenting nature in my work; through which I aim to safeguard the purity and essence of clay; my chosen medium. The work is heavily dependent on the use of natural oxides and techniques that complement the natural world and pay tribute to our environment.


 Chawkandi Art Gallery | Karachi | Group show 2020

The work at “Reliquery” was inspired by my travels to the north of Pakistan. The Himalayas are a feretory of the past with ancient gravestones, rock carvings and ancient sites.


Studio | Karachi | 2019

My installation is a comment on the internal migration of populations from north to south Pakistan.

Deosai Series

Chawkandi Art Gallery | Karachi | 2017

This series has been inspired by my treks in the remote mountainous areas of Pakistan and now whilst walking through the landscape I have seen proof of civilizations of the past, proof of contemporary communities living as one and maintaining a fine balance between their survival and nature. This series celebrates this very bond between ‘man’ and nature.

Pebbles | Karachi | 2019

This series is a celebration of river pebbles formed by the constant movement of water. The sound is meditative. My pebbles are living.

Cartography Naltar Series

Art Chawk Gallery | Karachi | 2015

Naltar series evokes textures and colors absorbed during my trek in the valley. Walking through Birch and Pine with the sounds of water and the breeze, the experience was undefinable. The work aims to capture the space where the straggly birth meets the remnant glacier on these enormous slopes creating a bond of unity.

Chawkandi Art Gallery | Karachi | 2011

Series was a commentary on relationships; like attrition and sustained resilient pressure there is change and one emerges onto the other side.

The Indus and the Shyok river

Chawkandi Art Gallery | Karachi | 1998-2000

The Shyok river flows from Tibet into the northern valley of Khaplu, in Pakistan. It is one of the earlier rivers that fall into Hunza River and form the great Indus River. This series comments playfully on the interconnectedness of life experiences.


Farrar Gallery | Karachi | 2008

Textures and forms of stones and the colours of river were the theme in this series of works.

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