About Es.k

Earthwarestudios.karachi (es.k) is an online shop which consists of handmade products. Every piece at earthwarestudios.karachi is delicately crafted and inspired from nature.

 es.k is a retail space with a conscience-with girls education close to it's heart. es.k aims to donate 2 percent of its profit (after tax) on an annual basis to low income education in the form of a grant.

es.k was officially registered in 2017.


Shazia Zuberi, has been involved in working with low income communities (both rural and urban) with specific focus on women and "the girl child" in Pakistan, while simultaneously working as an artist (ceramist).  Shazia did her Bachelors degree in Economics with a minor in Studio Arts from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, USA in 1992 and her masters in Gender Studies from SOAS, London, 2006/07, England.  Since graduation she has combined her development work (specifically focusing on women’s rights) with her Art. In recent years, Shazia Zuberi, works on issues related to our natural environment and gender.

She first began working in clay as a teenager during her O’levels (fleeting as the experience was).  Since that day she has felt eternally bound to the malleable nature of clay; its ability to mature with time and provide for us.  Bound as a craft, work in clay has been rejected as an art and its contribution to the artistic community.  As a ceramist and studio potter she relishes in its ability to provide and yet be transformed into a non-utilitarian form playing with space, both positive and negative.  Form, texture, color and a narrative (along with a chemical transformation through heat and fusion) together enable clay to emerge into an art form- lending its own properties coupled with its biographer’s motive.  Initially the ability to manipulate clay was exciting but as she grew more familiar and gained more control-clay enabled the expression of thoughts throughout the process of development of a single piece in multiple layers resulting in a complex intangible thought process hidden from a viewer’s eye.  It allows shazia to express herself like no other medium has done before. 

She has over the years developed a language that reflects the natural, organic form – paying a tribute to geology and landscape. Shazia has intermittently written art reviews for Newsline, NukhtaArt Magazine and other publications in a freelance capacity; had a number of solo and group shows. 

She is currently living and working as a practicing artist in Karachi, Pakistan.